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The Work-It-Out program is an independent, non-profit educational and job-training resource based in the Central Area of Seattle. Students who are 16-21 years old that dropped out of school and have not completed their high school diploma or GED may apply to the program for admission. All students participating in the program will receive, free of charge, a quality academic program to prepare them for college entrance, entrepreneurship and/or for sustainable family living-wage job.

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Steps to Admission

  1. Fill out, online admissions form below
  2. Evaluation/screening for best fit
  3. Interview process
  4. Decision (acceptance or waitlisted)
  5. Student Orientation
Admissions to Work It Out Seattle
  1. General Information
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  7. (valid email required)
  8. Gender (Voluntary)
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  10. Academic History
  11. Years you attended (YYYY)
  12. Did You Graduate?
  13. Race/Ethnicity Information
  14. The federal government requires that both these questions be answered and provides on the following categories for ethnic group and race. If both questions are not answered, school personnel are required to make selections for both.
  15. Is the student Hispanic or Latino?
  16. If you are not Hispanic or Latino, what is your race?
  17. (required)
  19. A guidance program is provided in all Work-It-Out programs.
  20. The guidance program is part of the comprehensive education provided to all students through activities that focus on positive approaches to school, learning, knowledge and skills for employment. The guidance program includes the following components:
  21. 1. Academic guidance which assists students and their parents to acquire knowledge of the curricula choices available to students to plan a program of studies, to arrange and interpret academic testings, and to seek postsecondary academic opportunities.
  22. 2. Career guidance, which helps students to acquire information and to plan action about work, jobs, apprenticeships, and postsecondary educational and career opportunities.d
  23. The guidance program is academic, personal and/or social in nature and assists students to develop an understanding of themselves and the rights and needs of others; and to define individual goals, reflecting their interests, abilities, and aptitudes.
  24. Such guidance may be provided as follows:
  25. 3. In groups in which generic issues of social development are addressed.
  26. 4. Through structured individual or small group multisession counseling that focuses on the specific concerns of the participant(s) (e.g., critical thinking, conflict management, or collaboration and team building).
  27. Students may elect to not participate in (to "opt out" of) academic or career guidance at any time. Students electing to do so should understand electing to “opt-out” will prelude them from further participating with the Work-It-Out Program.
  28. Do you elect to receive career/academic guidance and personal/social counseling from Work It Out?
  29. I understand that if I elect to not participate in academic or career guidance, then I’m not eligible to participate in the Work-It-Out program.
  30. Note* By Clicking Agree in the box below you consent to submitting this form with a digital signature and intend to move forward with Work It Out Seattle.
  31. Thank you for applying for admission to Work It Out Seattle, one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly.

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Click here to access the application form.

Complete and return admission form via U.S. Mail to:


Attention: Admissions Office
2410 East Cherry Street
P.O. Box 22090
Seattle, WA 98122-0090


Or print the application form, complete it, scan it and email it to


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