Community Collaborations


The Work-It-Out Pilot Project (WIO) achieved our goal of outreach and community engagement through all of our strategic programs, but especially via our Community Collaborations Program. We strategically focused on building partnerships of mutual respect
and trust, with public/private organizations to create an environment of team-work to strengthen the capacity of families to advocate for themselves and their children. Over the past year, we brought together those partnerships to coordinate and host a community-wide educational resource fair. The event was successful on many fronts, including drawing neighbors, community leaders, parents and 1552 children and youth throughout the city and community to participate.

With major support from Marguerite Casey Foundation, Foundation for Early Learning, Snoqualmie Tribe, Peoples Institutional Baptist Church, RCH of Seattle, QWEST, CWA, and UFCW Local 21, we shared community resources with one thousand five hundred fifty-two (1552) children, youth and their parents. Working in collaboration with our neighbors and community partners, the Educational Resource Fair, community collaboration, offered WIO students an opportunity to take a leadership roles in orchestrating a major community event, raising awareness to the needs of poor families, while helping parents prepare their children to return to school with some of the tools needed to be successful. Students were able to reflect their voices, experiences, talents and interest in a diverse multi-cultural and social community environment.

How we helped in 2011: WIO students learned new skills and hands-on experience in the areas of civic engagement; logistics; infrastructure design, marketing and communications – to neighbors and public/private organizations. Students interacted with many of their peers in the community in new and different ways, and gained access to over 87 public/private organizations sharing critical information on resources available within community for children, youth and parents. Together students and volunteers facilitated access for families to sign up for medical insurance for their children; to enroll their children in school; to offer parents the option of onsite dental services ( for children – teeth cleaning and cavities filled – free of charge); WIO students assisted in the distribution of backpacks, books, computers, bicycles and school supplies to 1552 students. Broader outcomes realized included increased awareness and leadership in public/private organizations participating in the Fair, and increased number of neighbors coming together to support each other, and raise awareness to important issues facing families and children living in poverty.

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