CREST: Community Research Empowering Social Transformation

Work-it-Out is sponsoring a new project called CREST that will involve a cohort group of 10 youth in an investigation on a topic chosen by them because it matters to them—it affects their lives and the quality of life in their community. The investigation will enable CREST youth to learn and apply a host of life-enhancing skills that employers and universities value, such as thinking critically, communicating clearly and intentionally (speaking and writing), collecting and analyzing information, evaluating evidence, and making recommendations. This will be a youth-driven project—and we want you to apply!

What’s in it for you? By participating in CREST you will be able to:

  •   Earn credits toward your high school diploma
  •   Learn communication, collaboration, and management skills that employers look for when hiring
  •   Develop leadership skills for social justice
  •   Learn through creativity, the arts, and an integrated curriculum
  •   Advocate for social change and transformation in your community
  •   Study in a nontraditional small-school environment
  •   Engage with university students and faculty in university settingsWhat will you actually be doing in CREST? Here’s an overview, from start to finish!
  1. CREST youth brainstorm topics to investigate; the group then reaches agreement on one that matters.
  2. Find and learn background information on the topic chosen through a wide variety of resources.
  3. Use the background information to develop a research question that will guide deeper investigation.
  4. Plan a research study that will address the research question—in other words, decide what type ofinformation is needed to answer the question and how the group will collect that information (interviews,surveys, existing documents, observations, and so on).
  5. Conduct the study collaboratively; everyone has a role to carry out for group success.
  6. Analyze the information/data collected (quantitative/numeric and qualitative/stories).
  7. Interpret results and make recommendations.
  8. Report findings to the community in a variety of innovative ways—drama productions, posters/art,brochures/photos, letters to community leaders, Internet website, DVD presentation, among others.
  9. Celebrate our mutual accomplishments and plan for your future!Feel free to download the application to the CREST program and fill it out and mail it to us or print it out, fill it out, scan it and email it to us at We look forward to working with you soon!

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