First Start Wellness

First Start Wellness Program

Young Mothers (ages 16-24) 

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First Step Wellness is a free program offered by Work-It-Out Seattle for young pregnant women who have left high school without completing a diploma. The goal is to help participants find the information, skills, connections, and acceptance needed to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery. First Step mothers meet twice weekly for 3 months to share experiences and benefit from resources offered by community agencies, including UW School of Nursing, Center for Multicultural Health, public health nurses, and other volunteers committed to supporting young mothers-to-be.

The five main areas of focus are:


Assessment of strengths, vision, setting and reaching goals, practicing advocacy for communicating, negotiating and solving problems, inventory of values, interest, beliefs, skills to generate possible vocational pathways, and academic transcripts.

GED Program / Academic Program: 

Completion of either the GED Program or Academic Program.

Increase Knowledge of Health and Wellness Issues: 

Study the cycle of pregnancy, nutrition – while pregnant and after, child development and early learning, self-care (physical and mental), what to do and what not to do during pregnancy, and the value of having a public health nurse.

Family Support:

Affordable access to housing/utilities; financial literacy/personal needs, quality child care, transportation, advocacy issues and understanding safety, legal, and domestic violence, single parenting intervention, and child support rights.

Continued Education, Employment and Training:

 Research and act upon continued education, employment and training opportunities that are available within the community as pathways to sustainable employment and a long-term brighter future.

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